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Online Trainings

Online Training Module - PMO Healthcare

Building a Successful PMO for Healthcare Companies

Successful Project Management -
Basic and Advanced Technique

The Element of a Successful Medical Device Research & Development Organisation

Public Speaking in Business or Storytelling Sales (choose one)

Online Training Module - Financial Controlling

Information Systems for Controllers - From Data to Decision Making ​

Data Science for Controllers (Hands on)

Ideas for Controlling Automation (Workshop)

Storytelling Controllers

Online Training Module - Pharma Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing in Healthcare - Principle and Approaches

Using Marketing Material and Content in the Sales Process

The Changing Customer Journey

Public Speaking in Business or Storytelling Sales (choose one)

Soft Skills Trainings

Public Speaking in Business​

Storytelling Sales

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In-house Training Courses on Demand.

Our team of experts will help you organize and setup a perfect training program throughout your organisation.

Training Academy

Pharma & Medical devices trainings

We train more than 700 pharma professionals from over 400 pharma companies worldwide. Join our global educational platform for pharmaceutical professionals.

financial Controlling education Program

Learning courses for all FCs who want to be ready to move beyond crunching numbers, accounting oversight, and providing clarification to senior management. 

strategic Finance and leadership

Educational platform for all CFOs and CEOs who want to shape the company’s strategy better and more effectively.

Custom Events.

Our team of experts will take the hassle off your shoulder away and help you organize a perfect day. We’ll secure the best rates, ensure everything runs smoothly and plan the ideal itinerary for your team. Your personal event manager will take care of everything, so you can just enjoy it.

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