Empower Controllers to leverage Data & Technology


The role of the Financial Controller has been constantly changing in the wake of digitization. Its financial core-discipline is now enhanced by the technical expertise on how to process data efficiently and how to provide valuable insights for operational and strategic purposes.


The corporate world constantly deploys big systems to collect huge data volumes, storing them in database systems and allowing only licensed applications to process their content. Even if almost everybody argues that Data is the New Gold, there is a lack of expertise in the majority of organizations on how to extract and process this Gold in order to deliver high-value results to your business partners.


This training will expand your skill set and sphere of influence. Even the best instruments, tools, results, reports and charts are only as good as the reasoning and presentation skills of the controller. After all, in order to create transparency in a company controllers need an entrepreneurial understanding and psychological flair. The training methods in our seminars take this ambition into account: they focus on the business tools of controllers and their actual application in corporate practice.

Learn how to:

  • Detect automation opportunities in your organization (managerial)
  • Process automation
  • Data mining
  • Managerial benefits of automation
  • Leverage the value of information systems (structural)
  • ERP
  • Business Intelligence
  • Corporate Performance Management
  • Analytics
  • Network Science
  • Process data efficiently and effectively (practical)
  • Business modeling
  • Excel formulas & VBA
  • Transact SQL

Who Should Attend

  • Management Accounting
  • Financial Controllers
  • Corporate Planning
  • Management Information Systems
  • Business Administration & Development
  • COOs
  • CFOs


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    Access to all video and training materials
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    Communication channel with registered peers
  • 3

    Live and internactive format platform
  • 4

    121 with the trainer
  • 5

    Q&A open all over the training
  • 6

    Training recorded in digital format
  • 7

    Certificate & CPD Points


Greg Tzavelopoulos

Senior Expert in Database Systems

With 15+ years of professional experience as Senior Expert in Database Systems, Greg develops data integration solutions (ETL), BI reporting systems and robots for automated data analysis, transforming a complex landscape of interconnected data sets into valuable Analytics Applications, providing tailor made solutions for Top Management and operations. With a profound expertise in all critical business functions (production MES, financial, logistics, commercial and HR systems), he has developed solutions that support decision making, eliminate the working time of the users and optimize the data processing time of the hardware. With 12+ years of experience on various Project Manager roles, he delivers database projects across Europe and offers SQL courses at various universities and institutes.



  • Online participation
  • Online workbook & materials on Table
  • Certificate


  • Online participation 2x
  • Online workbook & materials on Table
  • Certificate


  • Online participation 3x
  • Online workbook & materials on Table
  • Certificate

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