A 2-day workshop, designed to give you the knowledge, insights and skills needed to improve your entire sales process – using stories.

One of the many problems with sales is that we often talk about products and services, forgetting the emotional impact we need in order to create connections, relations, and desires. The Classic AIDA model (attention, interest, desire, action) pretty much ignores the brand building phase and focuses on the end user problem that is related to the product. Storytelling might catch their attention because of emotions they crave, hence building relationships with you and boosting your credibility before learning that your product exists. 

In this workshop we will talk about gathering stories, creating portfolio, polishing them, and adding lessons learned, so you can use storytelling whenever you need it. You’ll also find a toolbox of ready-made solutions: process descriptions, recipes and graphs, definitions to help you on the spot to create your own, captivating story. 

You will walk out with your head full of ideas, definitions, and processes to set up your business presentation in a new way.

  • Learn five layers of presentation, to understand idea, text, delivery, visuals, and context.
  • Understand, what is the story – and what is not.
  • Meet three critical elements of the story.
  • Start your own portfolio of stories, for speed storytelling.
  • Understand where to use stories in business.
  • Find out, who ‘owns’ the story and what type of stories works best.
  • Add emotions to your portfolio.
  • Switch from talking about your products and services to what works best for your customers.
  • Get to learn five layers of presentation, to anchor your stories in proper places.

Who Should Attend

  • Management Accounting
  • Financial Controllers
  • Corporate Planning
  • Management Information Systems
  • Business Administration & Development
  • COOs
  • CFOs


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    Access to all video and training materials
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    Communication channel with registered peers
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    Live and internactive format platform
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    121 with the trainer
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    Q&A open all over the training
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    Training recorded in digital format
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    Certificate & CPD Points


Jerzy Zientkowski

Speaker, Coach, CEO, Jerzy Zientkowski Board Advisor at Setapp

Inspirational speaker, author, mentor and trainer. In 2011-2016, vice president of the Professional Speakers Association and program director of the international Spectacular Speaking and Inspiration Festival. Member of the prestigious BTI Speakers Club. In 2012, he reached the final six best speakers at the European Championships in Bonn. In 2013, he became the Polish Champion in the Polish improvised speech competition and the Polish Vice-Champion in the Polish improvised speech competition. Annually, he conducts several dozen trainings, lectures and presentations, and mentors senior management clients, helping in “sub-gate” situations. His speech was graced by prestigious events, including: TEDx, Spectacular Speaking, the 6th Business Intelligence Congress, Sales Diamonds and many other nationwide conferences. He is invited to the stages, where he speaks alongside the best Polish and world speakers: Brian Tracy, Robert Cialdini, Darren LaCroix, Marek Brown, Jacek Walkiewicz and others. He trained and spoke among others for Al Fianco Partners, Allegro, Allianz, Aviva, Aon Hewitt, BGK, Benefit, Bre Bank, Bricoman, BZ WBK …

Single Ticket

  • Online participation 1x
  • Online workbook & materials on Table
  • Certificate of Completition

2 Participants

  • Online participation 2x
  • Online workbook & materials on Table
  • Certificate of Completition

3 Participants

  • Online participation 3x
  • Online workbook & materials on Table
  • Certificate of Completition

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