EBCG Executive Director, Roman Slovinec, introduces our new domain – one EBCG URL, wherever you are in the world and whatever device you use.
Four years ago EBCG was launched as ebcg.biz, and we started with 150 unique visitors per month. Yesterday, our online traffic hit another record high with, revealing that we are now seeing over 10.000 unique browsers accessing our site a month, and over 25.000 page views. This is the third month in a row we have seen record traffic, and testament to our digital-first strategy, which we announced nearly one year ago.

This article represents a little piece of EBCG history, because it is one of the first published pieces of content on our new global domain – www.ebcg.com – providing a single destination for the EBCG’s content across all countries and devices.

Our audience is no longer primarily in the Central & Eastern Europe. Every month, our online content is accessed from almost every country around the Europe. In fact, CEE users now represent just a third of our total audience.

This may be a small URL change but it marks a big step for the EBCG and reflects our evolution from a CEE conference company – reaching thousands of people once a day – to a leading global human 2 human education and networking house, with an ever-growing worldwide audience accessing EBCG content every minute of every day.

Investing in digital is crucial to the future of EBCG events, and moving to www.ebcg.com will simplify the user experience for our community. In turn, this will open up more worldwide commercial possibilities for us in markets across the globe, enabling us to offer our partners and advertisers increased access to our growing global audience.

But it’s not the end of the story. Expect further improvements in the months ahead as we redevelop our site and our apps to showcase EBCG events in new and exciting ways.