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Digital marketing has transformed the healthcare industry, revolutionizing how businesses connect with patients and other stakeholders. The two-day training programme on “Digital Marketing in Healthcare Principles and Approaches” aims to equip Marketing and Sales professionals, and Medical employees in Pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare companies with the skills and knowledge to develop and implement successful digital marketing and Sales strategies in healthcare. Participants will learn how to harness the power of digital channels to drive awareness, engage customers and patients, and build loyalty. By the end of the training, participants will be equipped with practical skills and knowledge to apply digital marketing best practices to their healthcare businesses and enhance their competitiveness.

With this course you will learn

Understand the principles and concepts of digital marketing in healthcare.

Learn how to develop a successful omni-channel strategy for healthcare businesses.

Explore how to orchestrate the different channels available for healthcare businesses.

Learn how to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns in healthcare.


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121 with the trainer

Q&A open all over the training

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René Neubach

René Neubach works as consultant in the Multi-Channel Marketing area and works with clients in the Pharma- and non-Pharma industries on Multi-Channel strategies, tactical plans and concepts. In his former position René acted as Client Services Lead and Vienna eMarketing Center co-lead at Pfizer. He has over 15 years experience in the digital space and been responsible for more than 800 digital projects. René started his professional career in online web agencies in 1998 and has worked in various creative roles as Art Director, Concept Specialist and Creative Director. In 2006, René started to work for Wyeth as eMarketing Project Manager, responsible for the Austria-CEE-Russia region, with responsibility to build and maximize Internet presence in all affiliate markets. In early 2008 Rene, together with one of his associates, built up the Vienna eMarketing Center for Wyeth acting in Europe, Middle East and Africa, later becoming part of Specialty care Europe in Pfizer after the acquisition of Wyeth, servicing clients in more than 44 countries globally today.

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Still have questions? Let US answer them for YOU

How long does the training last?

4-5 hours for 2 days 

Are we going to have coffee breaks?


Is it just going to be a presentation throughout the 2 days?

No, the trainer is trying to make it as interactive as possible. You will be working in teams, you will be using an interactive whiteboard, polls, and team awareness tools.

How many people can attend the training?

When we talk about numbers, the ideal number would be 10 people.

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