Decision-making & Behavioral Biases: Turning Routine Into Productivity

Between 1970 and 2006, the average number of hours in a working year increased by 200. And most of the time, we sit behind our desks doing the same task over and over again. We are so occupied with our day to day office routine that we rarely stop in order to get a broader […]

Practical Tips & Tricks for Your Professional Life as a Financial Controller

According to EY, 80% of Financial Controllers say their job is becoming more and more demanding over the past 5 years. Just being good with numbers is not enough. You need to be a reliable business partner, explain “the numbers” to non-financial people while process transactions and manage reports. The increased pressure from investors and […]

Data Visualization in Financial Controlling by Greg Tzavelopoulos

On June 16-17, financial controllers will participate on EBCG‘s 4th Annual Financial Controlling Toolbox in Bratislava, where our speakers with top management and expert roles will share their valuable insights. Greg Tzavelopoulos, Head of CPM/ABC in Pipelife, will present the modern Financial Reporting trends and will train you how to build a Data Visualization tool on profitability analysis […]

Financial Controlling Toolbox 2016: Master your Skills

As Mark Twain said: “The secret to getting ahead is getting started”. We know that as a financial controller, you don’t want to just be excellent with numbers. You want to be a value creator and be responsible for many aspects of your company’s strategy. That’s why we have come up with a platform where […]

Speaker Interview with Tomas Otava from Sodexo

Next June, the 4th Annual Financial Controlling Toolbox will launch in Bratislava. Financial Controllers attending our event can learn to master their skills, whether it is technical proficiency, leadership talent, or remarkable communication. Among our exceptional speaker panel is also Tomas Otava, Head of Controlling in Northern, Central & Eastern Europe from Sodexo. I interviewed Tomas last week and […]

Speaker Interview with Greg Tzavelopoulos from Pipelife

I called Financial Controlling Toolbox speaker Greg Tzavelopoulos (Head of Corporate Performance Management for Pipelife International) for our interview last week and I was more excited than ever to talk to him. The reason? Here at EBCG, Greg is not just a speaker. He has a long presence as a speaker on our conferences focusing on financial reporting, business […]

3 Themes For This Year’s Best Financial Controllers

The role of the financial controller is changing rapidly. It’s not all about accounting and financial planning anymore. According to an Ernst & Young report about the changing role of financial controllers, 82% of them believe that their job has become more challenging over the past 3 years. And in addition to that, 75% of […]

4th Annual Financial Controlling Toolbox

After the successful 3rd Annual Financial Controlling Toolbox last November in Prague with more than 100 attendees and up to 20 speakers, this year’s toolbox is moving to Bratislava! Join us in the beautiful historical city along the Danube and learn more about the future trends and predictions in the business and financial industry and […]

Speaker Interview with Harm Rijerkerk from Makro Cash and Carry CR

When I called Financial Controlling Toolbox speaker Harm Rijerkerk (Head of Controlling for Makro Cash and Carry CR) for our interview, I just caught him on his way to play ice hockey with his colleagues. Or in his own words: “I would say they accept me being on the ice while they play hockey”. I […]

Speaker Interview with Andrei Gavril from OMV Petrom

In a few weeks our event Financial Controlling Toolbox will kick off in Prague. Among the many interesting speakers is Andrei Gavril, Director Controlling at OMV Petrom. Amidst his busy schedule, he found time to elaborate on the contents of his event session entitled “Value Enhancement Projects”. Andrei stresses that the modern Controller needs to be persuasive and […]