Speaker Interview with Viktor Larionov from Omniva

Last April, the 6th Annual Cyber Security Summit kicked off in Prague, in the amazing NH Prague City Hotel. Professionals from all over Europe came together to discuss and discover new trends and security solutions. One of our exceptional speakers was Viktor Larionov, Head of IT Architecture at Omniva. When I called him last week, we’ve got

Speaker Interview with Group Cyber Security Advisor Tarun Samtani

Tarun Samtani, Cyber Security Advisor from Express Gifts Ltd, was one of the main speakers on the 6th Annual Cyber Security Summit that kicked off last month in Prague. When I got in contact with Tarun at first, I was amazed with his enthusiasm about cyber security and the fact that he is looking for new

Recap: Cyber Security Summit 2016

On April 6th and 7th, cyber security analysts, IT-Risk consultants, CISOs and information security experts from around Europe came together to the 2016 Cyber Security Summit in the beautiful city of Prague. Our event introduced a dynamic cyber-mix of presentations, discussions and hands-on workshops, all of which were tailor-made for the needs of our attendees. Day 1: Strategic Morning, Masterful

“BlackEnergy” or How to Hack an Energy Provider

“The world’s first power outage tied to a hacker attack” Cyber security attacks are a thing now whether it is for stealing personal information or monkeying someone’s computer and last December’s incident in Ukraine arose many concerns over the sufficient security some corporations have against cyber-attacks and potential malware. In recap, on the 23rd of

Cyber Security Summit 2016 – Be secure, Be aware, Be prepared

Technology architecture and processes management are coming together on the 2016 Cyber Security Summit on 6th-7th April in the beautiful city of Prague. All attendees have the opportunity to be part of a dynamic cyber-mix of presentations, discussions and hands-on workshops, all of which are tailor-made for the needs of your organization. Inspiring and extensive

Is Human Society Moving into the Cyberspace?

As it is known, the majority of human activities nowadays happen in the cyberspace. Robbing a bank is easier than ever. Not with using any guns but in a completely sophisticated manner –simply by doing some remote hacking. As a crucial question here, we would see which application could be better – the computer or the

Speaker Interview with Independent Digital Strategy Consultant Lars Hilse

Today we are publishing an interview with Independent Digital Strategy Consultant and Cyber Security Summit speaker Lars Hilse. We couldn’t have picked a better time to speak to each other, as it was amidst the mayor Skype outage of last year. Although the cause of the outage wasn’t attributed to malicious cyber activity; it did show the impact an event like

The Main Cyber Security Challenges of Remote Employment

First of all, Happy New Year! We wish you a safe and secure 2016. We kick off this year with an article written by one of our speakers on the 6th Annual Cyber Security Summit in Prague. Milica Djekic is a Cyber Security Researcher writing for several magazines such as Journal of Computer Sciences and

Speaker’s Review: 2015 Cyber Security Summit in Prague

The most remarkable advantage of the Cyber Security Summit was that it was primarily dedicated to the exchange of experience both during the conferences as well as the backstage communication. It is so inspiring – especially after visiting other conferences occupied by vendors – that communication with colleagues in EBCG’s event format made me think

Re-thinking the Basics of Cyber Security

Attendees of the Financial Services Cyber Security Summit, MENA  in Dubai enjoyed the presentation of our Keynote Speaker Ayman Ghannoum, VP Information Security & Business Continuity Risk Management from Arab Bank. Ayman gladly shares the summary of this insightful discussion. Do you remember the first time you used the World Wide Web?  This month, April 2015,