No “invisible wall” between the speaker and the audience: that’s the way we do conferences.

Let’s say you are a part of our January 20th Pharma PPM Toolbox in NYC. Day 1 is over and you have heard great speakers from industry leaders such as Merck, CSL Behring, AstraZeneca, Takeda or UCB, participated in a hands-on workshop of your choice, and had fun at the evening cocktail reception. What would you like to do on Day 2 that could enhance your experience?

Expect an Enriching Experience

I as a conference organizer I can’t bear to see a “disconnected“ audience – that is usually the result of feeling lost in a crowd. That awkward moment when you have the feeling that people are watching TV instead of a real person sharing a story right in front of them? My mission is to never ever let that happen on our events.

Consider a Day 2 filled with the kind of in-depth discussions and involvement that builds upon what you heard on Day 1, and ensures that you get the most out of your newfound insights. No “invisible wall” between you and the experts; that’s not how EBCG does conferences. We design our conferences to be as interactive as possible, to ensure you enjoy the most enriching experience.  The entire second day will be divided into two focused streams: one covering project management related topics, the other focused mostly on portfolio management. So you always have a choice to pick one of two concurrent short, straight-to-the-point practical case studies. No time for general introductions, you already know those anyway: just facts, stories, experiences, lessons learned and solid advice on what to avoid.

Each speaker will also lead their own roundtable discussion where each and every participant has the opportunity to voice his or her opinion. Have questions? Ask. Would you like to to add something to the presentation you’ve just heard? Go ahead! Or even something you oppose? Please, speak up:  there will be plenty of time to talk about it during these interactive sessions. We want to hear you; and our speakers are looking forward to discussing issues raised in their presentations on a  face-to-face basis.

Anticipate Real-World, Relevent Topics

We will bring you a complex overview of carefully selected topics related to PPM and based on real-world experiences. Our speakers were asked to choose a topic they are truly passionate about, so you can really pick their brain.  We’ll cover everything from pre-clinical project management to commercial PPM, so the scope of topics is really wide; yet focused.

One of our valued speakers is Laetitia Devy-Dimanche from EMD Serono. Her responsibility – together with her team in Darmstadt and Billerica – is to ensure that the projects based in Europe, US or Japan are executed on time, within budget and with high quality, from discovery to clinical proof of concept. In her case study, she will focus on transitioning projects from research through to development. Markus Peter from Eisai will leverage his experiences with small biotech and large Pharma companies, and will compare PM roles in these environments. Jordan Stein from Bristol-Myers Squibb will talk about tools that help facilitate speed-to-patient and Amy Davis from Eli Lilly and Company will focus on resource estimation & forecasting. Thomas Hampe from Amgen will prepare a case study on integration of an in-licensing product and Leslie Sloan from Ipsen will explain how to use prioritization to accelerate or deaccelerate projects for the overall maximization of the whole.

More inspirational talks will follow from Wouter Schul (Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research), Eva Finney (Merck Research Laboratories), Christoph Huestebeck (Abbott), Mike Zachariou (BioMarin Pharmaceuticals), Ricky Suchak (Sandoz), Dan Burns (Pfizer), Robin Goldstein (Aeras) and Marianne Schovsbo (Gilead Sciences).

As an organizer of this event, I may be biased, but I really think it is something you don’t want to miss. Come and see for yourself.  I hope to meet you on January 20th – 21st in New York City.



This article was written by Kristina Priecelova, Conference Program Manager at EBCG. Kristina is the driving force behind some of our most successful healthcare conferences such as the Pharmaceutical PPM Toolbox series and Medical Devices 3P Forum.


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