It is time to roll up your sleeves and become a kid playing with LEGO once again. The 2nd US Annual Pharma PPM Toolbox is not an ordinary conference, because on Day 2, you control what happens!

Campfire Sessions

This will be an interesting wake-up call! Early in the morning, get ready for some polarizing conversations. Grab your coffee and snacks and join our campfire sessions. Our moderators will briefly introduce their topic and point out several crucial issues – then it is your turn to argument your point of view. Which one will you choose?

  1. New Product Evaluation by Vik Peck, Head of Drug Development Programs from Eupraxia Pharmaceuticals
  2. Establishing and Motivating New Teams in Different Cultures and from Different Angles by Liat Primor, VP, Pipeline Strategy Management from Teva
  3. Why Change Management is Scary and How You Can Thrive In It by Karryn Lepley, Associate Director, R&D Global Project Management from AbbVie
  4. A Brief History of Prescription Drug Regulation and Labeling in the United States by James M. Huebner Director, Project Management from Celldex

Mix and Match

You know by now that we love LEGO. That’s the main idea behind the 3 separate program streams on day 2. From 10:30 am till 4:00 pm, you get to play around with different case studies and build you own agenda according to your needs and interests.

Stream A: Project & Program Management

Barton Bradbury, (Senior Project Director, Achillion Pharmaceuticals) will be the first one to take the stage and talk about discovery and preclinical project management. Later on, Gregory Kelner (Group Project Manager Genentech) will show you how to empower teams and encourage a culture of innovation while James M. Huebner’s session will focus on identifying the specific business objectives of an EPMS. After lunch, our speakers from the morning block are ready to answer your questions. Pick a table and get involved in the discussion. Feel free to “speed-date” and switch tables anytime.

In the afternoon, Janet Meurer Ogden (Sr Director, Oncology Program Leader, Baxalta) will talk about the relationship between project manager and project leader. Elizabeth Somers (Director, Discovery Collaborations and Early Development, Merck) will elaborate more on project sponsorship and how to apply metrics and criteria to be transparent regarding project success. If you are interested in managing a vaccine drug development project, then be sure to join Eva Finney (Director, Global Project Management Merck Research Laboratories) and her case study on how vaccine drug development is similar to, or different from, a traditional small molecule program.

Stream B: Portfolio Management / Best Practices on Using Tools

Ann Field (Associate Director, Research Project and Portfolio Management, Medimmune) will be the first to take the stage and will talk about the challenges MedImmune faced in information capture, appropriate analysis, and transition of projects from discovery to development.

Sometimes building a portfolio is the most challenging part of your job. But don’t worry. Amanda Hurley (Associate Director of Project Management Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai) will focus on how to connect your projects to the mission and vision of your organization.

How is integration of portfolio in joint venture different from acquisition? Pauline Lim (Director, Strategy, Planning & Operations, Consumer R&D, GlaxoSmithKline) will talk about key considerations in integration of portfolios in joint venture as well as timing, resources and ways of working.

Right after lunch, join David Townson (Head Project Management Office, Novartis) on his case study about ”dashboarding” an organization.

If you want to know more about implementing new tools and processes to support portfolio and project management, Ken Carlson (Senior Director, Project Planning, Group Head, Pfizer) will share his personal story on the way he used rigorous project management techniques to successfully implement a major new tool with associated processes.

Last but not least, Maira Rieger (VP Portfolio Management, Achillion Pharmaceuticals) will talk about adapting big pharma project and portfolio management tools in biotech.

Stream C: Risks, Crises & Failures / Let’s Talk about Collaborations

How can we reconcile the academic and industrial perspectives on drug discovery & project management? Doug Erfle (Director, Project Management, CDRD) will share his experience on irreproducible science and some other epic failures, among others.

Sherrie Tafuri (Senior Director Oncology, Program Management, Medimmune) is going to talk about managing expectations across companies and building relationships across obligations. If you are keen to find out more on development and commercialization, then don’t miss Sherrie’s case study!

Do you know how important planning and mitigating is? Katie Raustad (Associate Director of Project Management, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai) will share her case study on how to unify a company through its people, culture and communications.

What’s next?

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