The last week of my Internship at EBCG has started and I wanted to share my experience with everyone who knows EBCG, has attended our events or is thinking about applying to join our #ebcglife! After all, it was the minimum I could do after having presented my supervisors with the seemingly endless internship evaluation forms… 🙂

My typical day in the EBCG Office in Bratislava

Considering that we start our working days at 8 am, I was impressed since day one by the positive vibes that I am welcomed with at such an early hour. While I often need some time to warm up and get communicative, most of my colleagues are full of energy and smiles. Summer times and so many hours of daylight were surely supportive of that ☺.  I would start my day by checking e-mails, asana tasks and social media calendar. All three tools helped me to stay organized and to avoid overlooking or forgetting important points.

The Learning Month

Every four weeks, I was presented with new tasks and challenges which I enjoyed very much. During my first month – June – which I call the “The Learning Month”, I was introduced to the company’s event departments: the Finance, IT and Life Science teams as well as the overall marketing activities. In the beginning, I focused on our life science events such as Pharma PPM Toolbox and our 6th Annual Chemicals Sales & Marketing Toolbox taking place in Berlin. Despite the fact I had never worked or studied with this particular field before, I knew that in order to create valuable content for our audience, I had to immerse myself into trending industry topics such as AI and Digitization. The result of my research were several blog posts that are published on our website and shared in all our social media channels. The most important thing, in the beginning, was to get to know internal processes and to learn from my colleagues’ knowledge but on the opposite to also keep a fresh mind and come up with new ideas and perspectives.

Stepping out of my Comfort Zone

In July, I went a step further during my research into the Chemicals industry, by conducting Interviews with current speakers and thus gathering firsthand information from renowned industry experts. I particularly enjoyed this process of coming up with interesting and fresh interview questions and planning the interviews in cooperation with the speakers. Therefore, I had to step out of my comfort zone since I am no expert in their respective industries. Of course, feeling worried was understandable but to my surprise, I can conclude that all interviews were successful and I mostly enjoyed the pleasant conversations I had with our speakers. Thanks to everyone who participated and took their time to support our content creation campaign!

A second challenge was to represent my supervisor during her holidays and be responsible for all current marketing activities.

Fun @Work

I was lucky to participate in two afternoons of teambuilding activities. EBCG made sure that everyone enjoyed the summer weather during a barbecue and a scavenger hunt in the centre of Bratislava. We listened to each other’s stories and played ball games to strengthen the team spirit.

A Good Beginning Makes a Good Ending

As interesting as the Internship started, it also came to an end. My last month at EBCG was definitely the most challenging one. I got trusted with more and more tasks in different areas and could even get an insight into the job of conference producer. Generally speaking, the season has started, summer is coming to an end and everyone here at EBCG is working harder than ever to create more interactive and innovative events from which you will take home valuable new contacts, new knowledge and perspectives.

As the last point, I would like to thank the entire EBCG staff for welcoming me into their teams during my time here in the office. I will especially miss our “Girl lunches” in the kitchen, our “very short 50+ min marketing meetings-brainstorming sessions” and “tea parties”.

I don’t like saying “Goodbye” so let it be “See you soon! 🙂


Header Graphic Credits: Designed by macrovector / Freepik