August is here and this is our last  “Summer at The Office: Survival Guide”. Ice Cream Runs, Infused Water, Outdoor Commuting and Meetings are only a few examples on how to make hot summer months more enjoyable if you have to be at the office. However, there are still a few more that spicy up the, most likely, calmer office atmosphere.

1. Summer Themed Fridays

You might already practice “Casual Friday” at your company which usually means a more relaxed dress code. No need for suits and ties, but how about giving Fridays a summer theme on top. Summer casual shall not only mean jeans and white shirts but encourage your team to wear bright colours. The sun is shining, the air is hot and people seem to smile more than usual. Let’s show this feeling by switching the shift dress to a colourful summer dress and the white professional shirt to a more colourful option.

You will see what colours can do to your overall mood!

2. Outdoor Games and Picnic during lunch time

Having only one hour of lunch break requires a strict schedule but it is possible to fit a picnic and some games. Is there a park near the office? Great – make sure to leave a few minutes before your lunch break to secure the best spot and bring your snacks in advance. One person in the office usually volunteers to bring a blanket and all is set for the picnic. Now, borrow some card games or a Frisbee from your kids (if you are a parent) or buy one online for no more than about 2 Euros. If planned in advance, 1-hour lunch breaks offer plenty of time to relax, eat and play some simple but fun games while enjoying some vitamin D. Afterwards, you can continue your workday with recharged batteries and full of motivation. Try it out!

3. Go green – put some plants in the office (more than usual) or flowers on the table

Last but not least, if you do not have the possibility to visit a park or hold meetings outside, there is always the option to bring some nature into the office by buying some plants or flower bouquets. If you already have some, there is always room for more! They will keep the air clean and increase the summer feeling. Also, some colourful flowers on your desk will impact your mood more positively than you might imagine.