July is almost over, the nights are becoming longer again and people slowly prepare for the upcoming, still very hot, month of August. Many offices operate with only half of their employees since most are currently enjoying a sunny break by the sea, lake or in the mountains. But how to motivate those who are left in the hot offices?

1. Encourage Ice Cream Runs

The coffee machine is usually the number one meeting point in every office. Still, most of us know that coffee runs to the closest coffee shop to get that fancy Frappuccino or Iced Latte to cool down during the hottest months of the year is the best option. However,  swap coffee runs for some ice cream runs instead! Once a week, one employee will be off getting some cool refreshment from a nearby Gelateria or the supermarket. And who knows, maybe your company is going to sponsor one of them.

2. Summery Lunch

Besides of Ice cream, during summer it is often easier to bring some healthy lunches to work. The high temperatures make many of us crave some fresh and cold snacks, ideally pimped with some super sweet seasonal fruits. Peaches, Apricots or Strawberries are the perfect toppings for fresh salads or a fitting base for fruity sauces and chutneys. Your colleagues will look at your plate with envy!

3. Campaign for outdoor meetings

Being inside a building from 9 to 5 can get depressing during a warm sunny day. Even more so if these days are five in a row. Just think back to your time at school. During the last weeks of the summer term, many teachers moved their lessons outside, to the yard. Encourage your boss and colleagues to hold a number of meetings outside. Besides the well-known health benefit of Vitamin D, which is a stronger immune system and boosted metabolism, it also reduces depression and thus your positive mood will translate into a more efficient working behaviour.