Oh, the sun. Summer is officially here after a long, cold winter but for most, it’s business as usual. Hot days may seem like an eternity but there are ways we can still have an enjoyable summer even when we’re stuck behind our desks.

Here’s the first part of our survival guide. Stay tuned for more and enjoy the beautiful summer time.

1. A/C is your friend

Half of the office will be freezing, the other half will be boiling. According to occupational health experts “the optimum temperature for an office is 21-24C, with about 50% humidity. The minimum fresh-air rate should be 10 litres per second per person and the optimum air movement should be 0.1-0.5 metres per second. This is need-to-know information when you are acting as the peacekeeper in any dispute between your colleagues over the best setting for the air-conditioning system.” So educate your team and remain calm.

2. Business Casual with a twist

A lot of companies ditch their dress code during summer. But if you are required to wear a suit, make sure you take off your jacket and tie once you enter your office and whenever you are not in a meeting. Dress in light colours and fabrics and make sure you have a spare shirt just in case.

3. Think “outside” the box

Who says outdoor meeting are not efficient? We at EBCG have a small tradition during summer. Bratislava is famous for her parks, lakes and outdoor activities so once or twice per month, we leave our computers behind and take the opportunity to get to know each other and share our innovative ideas in a more casual setting. Outdoor meetings are proven to stimulate creativity, increase happy hormones and boost vitamin D levels. So give it a go.

Stay tuned for more!