The most remarkable advantage of the Cyber Security Summit was that it was primarily dedicated to the exchange of experience both during the conferences as well as the backstage communication. It is so inspiring – especially after visiting other conferences occupied by vendors – that communication with colleagues in EBCG’s event format made me think that it was a meeting of old friends.

Unfortunately the multithread schedule of the conference did not allow me to visit all of the interesting presentations and that is sad. The consolation however is that the conference materials are made available in electronic form even after the conference which is extremely helpful as a take away.

Being a techie, I am mostly attracted by the practical aspects that in my opinion are presented on the agenda in lower numbers than the organizational ones. Still the Cyber Security Summit is designed not only for managers but also for technical specialists and not only in a workshop format but also in the format of presentations during the whole event.

Undoubtedly it is easier to convey their thoughts to the audience for PR specialists and public persons, as it is their bread (as we say in Russia). But technical specialists such as Claus Cramon Houmann and Thomas Malmberg also held the attention of the audience. Even those whose profession is to sell to us did try to do it in a more delicate manner than usual.

Being a specialist from Russia I especially appreciate the communication with my European colleagues. Despite our differences in mentality, environment, legal system and opportunities we have much in common both in problems and in approaches. In my opinion it is an important event for consideration both by European and by Russian colleagues.

But the main benefactors of the event are the people, the live experience, new ideas and unexpected views on one and the same question. It is not just a pastime; finally it is an increase in efficiency which contributes to the development of business that you work on.

About Alexey Yanov

Alexey-YanovAlexey Yanov is an Information Technology and Services Professional working for Promsvyazbank in Russia. Alexey has been a speaker at the 2015 Cyber Security Summit Financial Services in Prague with his presentation entitled: “Key Directions in Organizing Information Security Service in Banks”.