Speaker Interview with Tina Manoharan from Siemens Healthcare

For this interview the spotlight is on Tina Manoharan, Vice President R&D Strategy in Siemens Healthcare and Keynote Speaker at the 3rd Annual Medical Devices 3P Forum.

If you plan on attending the Medical Devices 3P Forum, you should definitely take the opportunity to meet with Tina. You will meet a very friendly and intelligent woman that passionately talks about her professional life, her experiences or any other topic that will pass the table.

Below you get to read more about Tina’s background in Medical Devices and the topic of her Keynote presentation: Leading with Vision.

Before we dig into the content of your presentation, could please share a little bit about yourself and your background?

“I am currently working as VP of Product Lifecycle Management R&D in Siemens Healthcare. The setup I am responsible for within Siemens Healthcare is a Business Area which we call Diagnostic Imaging. At the moment we have a lot of business lines within that area. To give you a picture of what I do, I support these different business lines on overarching activities to drive synergies and operational excellence, when it comes to PLM. It is all about driving effectiveness and efficiency; do the right things and do the things right.”

“Before that, in the last 5 years before my current role, I have been the overarching Program Manager for syngo.via, the Siemens Healthcare software solution for 3D reading and advanced visualization. The case study I will be presenting during Medical Devices 3P Forum is based on my experiences managing the 6 business lines participating in this product. With at least 80 applications that support clinical reading for customers, syngo.via is a huge product.”

The topic of your keynote presentation is Leading with Vision. Could you please elaborate on what you will be presenting during the event?

“During my experiences leading a large cross-functional distributed team spanning across different business lines, one of the key things I have learned is the importance of having a shared vision. If you want to be effective and deliver in a timely manner, you really need to live that vision on a daily basis, across all of your different activities, so you really drive towards it.”

“I will be sharing my experiences on strengthening and truly enabling the team to live your shared vision in everything you do in order to achieve your goals. In my case, that is about keeping to timely quality-deliveries and achieving that in a cost effective and sustainable way to maximize customer value.”

“I will also talk about dealing with challenges that you have in a collaboration with people coming from a lot of different backgrounds. How can you leverage that and make the best out of it? Essentially, it is not sufficient to be just smart and intellectual; you also need to be emotionally intelligent in order to make sure that you get the best out of the team and the best results in the end.”

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What do you believe is the #1 takeaway of your presentation for those attending the event?

“I want the audience to realize that as a lead, YOU need to enable your team to live the shared vision. It does not help to have a yearly vision if you don’t enable others to live that vision on a daily basis. In order to do that, you need to adopt certain emotional intelligence techniques to consciously work on it and to really develop as a team to get the best results.”

You may have also had the chance to review the topics of your fellow event speakers. Is there a particular presentation you look forward to? If yes, could you shortly motivate your choice?

“There are quite a few in there that are very exciting for me but in particular I would pick out two of them. The first one is a case study that talks about the interaction triangle, Product Management R&D and customers (Marcus Leyendecker from Phonak). These are the very things that we are also trying to strengthen. I am expecting to really find new ideas and insights based on what they have done and their motivation behind it.”

“The second one is a case study that talks about the Do’s and Don’ts in Value-based Portfolio Management (Yolanda van Dinther from Philips Healthcare). Since I will talk about how we think about the outcome, cultivating value-based thinking in the team, I am really curious to see if there is a relation in something similar they have tried. I am sure Yolanda has some good takeaways for myself and others attending the conference.”

Having attended and/or spoken at several events, what advice can you give attendees that want to make the most out of their attendance?

“I believe this is a forum where a lot of experts come together. There are a lot of great experiences and practices that people have to share. The main advice I can give attendees – myself included – is to be engaged and interactive to make the most out of it. Prior to the event, make sure you find out more about what others have to say. There are always good learnings and good practices to take away and try out yourself. Do not be too picky; don’t dismiss certain presentations right away thinking: it doesn’t apply to me. If there is something good and others found it successful in similar scenarios, give it some thought, really try it out and then make up your own mind afterwards.”

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Please visit the official website for Medical Devices 3P Forum if you want to meet Tina Manoharan in person and listen to her presentation.