In less than 2 months, the 4th Annual Chemicals Sales & Marketing Toolbox will kick off in Berlin. On November 22 & 23, more than 90 sales and marketing professionals from the chemicals industry will come together for 2 days full of case studies, success stories and -of course- a lot of fun. During our event, Ian Rhodes,  Digital Marketing Strategist at Brand Less Ordinary, will talk about content marketing, building an amazing website and many more.

Tell me a little about yourself.

I once had a collection of 2,500 guitars. Well, technically they were owned by my business, a guitar shop, but it still sounds a cool way to introduce myself.

I’ve spent 20 years figuring out what makes people click online. That’s the marketer’s job. A portion of that time was spent selling hotel rooms to people without telling them which hotel. That’s all about selling trust. It’s the proposition that helped Priceline, where I was the European Marketing Director, become the world’s largest travel company.

For the past 8 years, as a marketing consultant, I’ve helped businesses face their own challenge of building their brand less ordinary. To discover the hooks, innovators and differentiators, that help build trust online. How to make their brand more meaningful to their customers. To humanise business.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

The shift from ‘us’ to ‘them’. It’s our natural instinct to focus on what’s best of us. For businesses, in 2016, our focus is on what we can help our customers achieve. Our products and services are just a mechanism to achieve our customer’s own objectives. It’s how we bake that mentality into our marketing that is the biggest challenge for all of us. It always looks good on paper, the strategy, the challenge is to make it happen.

Content marketing is a fairly new term. A few years back, the internet was full of advertorials, sponsored content etc. What happened? Why is it so important to build strong and authentic content?

Our customers began to talk. Social media changed the way we do business. For the better. Our content is designed to help people. First and foremost. To offer insight, opinion and perspective that nobody else can. That’s the value of authenticity. Businesses don’t have either of those traits. People do. So we bring our people to the forefront of our business. Content is the best way to do that.

What is the #1 key takeaway from your presentation? Can you give our audience a sneak peek?

The value of purpose-driven marketing. Making the shift from campaign focus to mission focus. I want to show you how businesses, large and small, are driving awareness and building valuable connections with their customers, through a smarter approach to content marketing.