Marketing is a passion, an obsession. Geoff Ramm will tell you the same! During EBCG‘s Chemicals Sales & Marketing Toolbox, Geoff will help you stay one step ahead of your competition. So: “Prepare to be entertained, energised and enlightened on a journey of memorable customer service and marketing ideas”.

Tell me a little about yourself and your career.

I am 41 years old, live in the North East of England with my wife Hayley who I met at University and we have two amazing children, Grace and Elliot (You’ll hear about Grace during my presentation).  My first role after graduating was as a marketing consultant helping thousands of start-up businesses and entrepreneurs launch their own brands.  I then became a Marketing Manager for a motor retail group where I marketed and launched many vehicles into the marketplace including Honda, Chrysler, Citroen and Toyota.  For the last 14 years I’ve ran my own business and 8 years ago I launched my second brand as a professional conference speaker on the topics of marketing and customer service.

What is the most valuable lesson you learnt so far?

It’s all about the people!  It’s not always about price but the people, experiences and connections you will make throughout the world that will

Why do you love marketing? What was the trigger that made you focus on marketing in the first place?

Oh, I love this question. My passion for marketing stems from when I was a small child!  I would remember and recite slogans, logos, leaflets and music from the world of advertising, marketing and promotion.  I knew at an early age what I would end up doing.  The advert I always remember was for Cadburys chocolate and their wonderfully creative Milk Tray man campaigns (I may just show this to everyone at the conference too).  From there my favourite lessons at school were business studies and then college and ultimately University.

Can you elaborate a bit more on your presentation?

It is all about spotting the opportunities around us each and every day to inspire us to use within our own campaigns and marketing strategies.  What could you learn from a toy store, a Valentine’s card or a Hollywood couple’s marriage breakdown?  The majority of us are blinkered as to creating jaw-dropping ideas. But during my presentation, I will reveal the techniques to keep your ideas way ahead of the competition.

What is the #1 key takeaway of your presentation?

When creativity meets personalisation, great OMG Marketing happens!