Questions with …Matthias Grass, Global CFO Corporate Center at Swiss Re

Matthias Grass will present at the CFO Executive Summit in Prague on April 26-27. Get to know Matthias a bit through our 3 questions. What do you expect from the CFO Executive Summit? This is a great opportunity for me to network with other CFOs and Finance professionals and to discuss the challenges and solutions

How to become super efficient in Excel with Streamline Excel Processes

We all know that Excel is a powerful tool for processing, manipulating and analyzing data, and creating reports for external and management purposes- to name a few. That’s why there are more than 120 million Excel users in the world. However, most of us have a love-hate relationship with it and no matter how hard

5 Questions with… Freek Van den Broek, Global Marketing Manager Digital at DSM

Freek Van den Broek will present at our Chemicals Sales & Marketing Toolbox in Berlin on November 22-23. He has a story about perfecting best customer experience ready for you! Get to know Freek a bit through our 5 questions 🙂 1. What was the most thrilling moment of your career in DSM? In my role as Commercial

5 Questions with… Alison Chalker

Curious whom you will meet at at our Healthcare PPM Toolbox in Jersey City on February 8-9? Alison will present at our Healthcare PPM Toolbox in Jersey City on February 8-9. She will prepare two sessions for our audience: informal discussion titled Project Management as a Springboard to Other Pharma Careers – Developing Yourself and Your Staff to

5 Questions with … Amir Khamseh

Curious whom you will meet at at our Healthcare PPM Toolbox in Jersey City on February 8-9? Amir Khamseh, Head – PMO Surgical Heart Valve Therapy, Edwards Lifesciences & President PMI – Orange County Chapter will focus on comparing project and program management and explaining how they go hand in hand. Get to know Amir

The Healthcare PPM Toolbox in New Jersey is back!

Are you ready for some incredible news? The Healthcare PPM Toolbox in NJ is back! The only Healthcare project & portfolio management event you need to attend will kick off on February 8th in Hyatt Regency Jersey City on the Hudson. For those of you who consider yourself an EBCG family member, you already know

4 Benefits of Customer Segmentation in your Sales Department

When it comes to your customers, the one-size-fits-all sales approach will never give you the results you want. Think about it. Not all your customers are the same, so why would you communicate your product to them in the exact same way? It’s time to talk about segmentation. Don’t be afraid of the word. It

The War Between Sales and Marketing Needs to End Now.

Sales and marketing, in every company, are working towards the same goal. To help their company grow. So how come that 87% of the terms sales and marketing use to describe each other are negative? If this also happens to your organization, a friendly warning: This needs to stop. Now. According to a Harvard Business

Getting the most out of a conference

With autumn approaching, conference season is around the corner. Conferences are the best way to meet new people, gain visibility and excel on your career by learning new skills and making the right connections. However, the whole concept of attending a conference at times may be overwhelming. Speakers, sponsors, sessions, workshops, expos, networking. So here

Štefan Máj, legenda Slovenskej sporiteľne, na konci svojej profesnej kariéry vystúpi na CFO Fórum Slovensko

Dňa 10. a 11. októbra 2017 nás čaká už 4. ročník konferencie CFO Fórum Slovensko, kde sa po roku opäť stretnú poprední finanční riaditelia, významní partneri a nádejní startupisti zo Slovenska a Českej republiky. Naše pozvanie medzi rečníkov podujatia prijal i pán Štefan Máj, predseda predstavenstva a generálny riaditeľ Slovenskej sporiteľne. 1. Pán Máj, prezraďte