Sustainable Events: How You Can Adapt To Change and Why

We are all aware of the vast amount of waste created and left behind every day. Especially for the events industry, this is a major issue. For some, such as music festivals with 30,000 tickets sold, it might be more and for others -such as our own with only 100 attendees- it might be less […]

The CFO Of Tomorrow: The Vision and The Challenges

Being a Chief Financial Officer is no longer only a matter of numbers and financial analytics. For years now, the CFO’s job description has shifted from counting pennies to being a driver of change within companies. The successful CFO of tomorrow needs to understand the business drivers behind the numbers and take actions towards a […]

Networking Is King: 5 Event Features to Take Advantage Of

How would you define networking? Do you see it as a purely professional or also personal activity? Networking means something different to each one of us. For example, we asked 10 of our employees and we got as many as ten different answers. All agree that networking is used to make new contacts, exchange experiences […]

Summer At The Office: Survival Guide Part 4

August is here and this is our last  “Summer at The Office: Survival Guide”. Ice Cream Runs, Infused Water, Outdoor Commuting and Meetings are only a few examples on how to make hot summer months more enjoyable if you have to be at the office. However, there are still a few more that spicy up […]

Kde je a kam smeruje slovenská ekonomika?

Slovensko je stále považované za jednu z úspešných transformujúcich sa postkomunistických ekonomík. Viedli k tomu najmä dve reformné obdobia počas rokov 1990-1992 (posledné dva roky Československa a spoločné federálne reformy) a najmä reformy počas dvoch vlád Mikuláša Dzurindu (1998-2006). Dzurindove vlády okrem toho zabezpečili ďalší nevyhnutný predpoklad úspechu – dobehnutie integračného manka spôsobeného Mečiarovými vládami […]

Summer At The Office: Survival Guide Part 3

July is almost over, the nights are becoming longer again and people slowly prepare for the upcoming, still very hot, month of August. Many offices operate with only half of their employees since most are currently enjoying a sunny break by the sea, lake or in the mountains. But how to motivate those who are […]

The Making Of An Exceptional Speaker

Have you ever experienced a speech that left you having chills throughout the presentation? Not daring to move, you try to soak in every single word the presenter is saying. We all probably have one or several speakers that we particularly admire for their ability to capture the audience’s attention even during a one-hour presentation. […]

Summer At The Office: Survival Guide Part 2

Summer has eventually graced us with its warm presence. And yet, you are sitting behind your desk with your eyes glued to the clock so that at 5 pm, you will run towards you freedom and enjoy the sunny day. However this is not the best way to make the most out of summer, is […]

4 Trends to Look for at a conference

The event industry is booming and will continue to grow in rapid numbers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, conventions and events are expected to expand by 44% from 2010 to 2020, far beyond the average projected growth of other industries. After all, it’s a $30.3 bn industry. With so many conferences, trade […]

How To Embrace Change In A Traditional Industry Like Chemicals

During our market research for the Chemicals Sales and Marketing Toolbox last year, we wanted industry leaders to share their insights with us in order to deeply understand the challenges they are facing in their day-to-day activities. The last interview within our Digitalization Trilogy of Interviews was with Wojciech Poludniewski, Group Director, Digital Business at […]