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We all know that Excel is a powerful tool for processing, manipulating and analyzing data, and creating reports for external and management purposes- to name a few. That’s why there are more than 120 million Excel users in the world. However, most of us have a love-hate relationship with it and no matter how hard we might try, it takes a lot to become super efficient in Excel.

Tutorials, training courses, in-house seminars, certificates. There are hundreds of ways for all professionals to gain the advanced skills to take your career to the next level. To make your life easier, we’ve put together the Streamline Excel Processes Master Class with Greg Tzavelopoulos to give you all the knowledge you will ever need in just 2 days.

Let’s have few questions with Greg Tzavelopoulos to know more:

Why is this training different from others available in the market?

The most important difference is our approach and instead of presenting the standard Excel functions, formulas, pivots, charts, etc. My objective is to enhance the problem-solving skills of senior and expert financial professionals, providing a number of out of the box solutions. It’s not the regular Excel training available in the market.

Who should join this training?

I have a tailor-made the agenda for finance people, who already have a solid excel experience and want to learn how to streamline their excel processes when calculating financial data, building reports and integrating data with other systems. Senior finance professionals with advanced excel experience and an analytical interest can get the maximum benefit.

How this training will help professionals?

The most important point is that the finance professionals will broaden their perspectives on what can be automated and, to a certain extent, learn how to improve their existing Excel processes on their own.

How will this training make an impact on an individual?

Of course, I do not claim that experienced users will become experts within 48 hours but I can definitely ensure that they will extend their problem-solving capacity after seeing many best practices and solving real cases on their own. There are a lot of key takeaways from these two days at our Streamline Excel Processes training in Bratislava.

VBA fundamentals will be exciting for beginners but what about for the experienced?

Well, due to the fact that most of the finance people do not work with VBA on a daily basis, we have structured the sessions on day 2 in a way that enables and encourages participation for people without any VBA track record but there will also be wide range of valuable insights to the ones with advanced VBA experience.

Why take Excel Test now?

Yes, this two-minute test will help people evaluate themselves and understand the training better. I will personally give feedback on this test:

Streamline Excel Processes Master Class

Check out our master class and see how it can benefit you!

Trainer’s Bio: 
Greg is a Project Manager in Activity Based Costing (ABC) for Pipelife, one of the European leaders in plastic pipe systems and a member of the Wienerberger Group. Greg is responsible for leading the ABC project; rolling it out in various European countries; designing the financial concept; continuing to develop the information systems; and consulting with all levels within the organization, from local personnel to top management in order to effectively support their decision making, and thereby increase product/customer profitability and reduce indirect operational costs.
Greg has extensive experience as both an internal and external consultant in the areas of financial controlling, financial consolidation, financial reporting, project management, business intelligence, data integration, and various SAP modules. He is an expert in financial modelling and reporting development with SQL and Excel VBA. Throughout his career, he has had international experience as a project leader in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Holland, Poland and Germany. Born and raised in Athens, Greg has been based in Brussels in 2005, in southern Germany in 2006 and in Vienna since 2007. He is fluent in German, English, and Greek, and has a basic knowledge in French.

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Streamline Excel Processes Master Class

Check out our master class and see how it can benefit you!