Do you think product development projects waste your time? Or is it because you have bad time management? Can you make better investment decisions or you are satisfied with just executing your day-to-day agenda? How can project, portfolio and product managers work together better to maximize the effectiveness of new MD products? If these questions sound familiar, welcome to the 4th Annual Medical Devices 3P Forum, the only European conference offering topics connecting project/program, portfolio and product management professionals.

On October 6th and 7th, in the beautiful city of Berlin, you will get the chance to be part of a friendly and interactive event with plenty of space to network and share your knowledge. This event does not only bring topics that are relevant for the whole audience, but also highly specific ones for each area. If you are looking for a conference to sit down and listen, then this one is not for you. The idea behind it is to make it as practical, interactive and fun as possible. So forget everything you know and get ready to “get your hands dirty”.

Day 1: Innovative Morning and Practical Afternoon

With more than 40 sessions altogether and more than 20 speakers, you will be able to build your own agenda based on your professional focus. On the first day of the 4th Annual Medical Devices 3P Forum, all case studies and presentations will be dedicated to topics relevant to both your worlds: R&D and the commercial side of Medical Devices. Discuss with your peers about resource management, alliance management and much more.

Because we know that most of you might be shy to ask questions, we have prepared one hour of “polylogues” with all speakers. Our speakers from the morning block will be ready to answer your questions. Just grab a chair, get involved in discussion and feel free to “speed-date” and switch tables.

Is your organization struggling to push forward the right ideas? Do you have bad time management? Can you spot talent on your team? There is no need to worry anymore. Join our campfire discussions and workshops during the afternoon and share your own insights and knowledge on the tools that helped you or slowed you down and learn from others’ crucial issues or mistakes.

Day 2: Divide et Impera?

It’s time to split! From the beginning of the second day of the Medical Devices 3P Forum, you will have two concurrent sessions to choose from in two different streams running at once.

If you are a project or portfolio manager, you will get insights on real life experiences from companies such as GN ReSound or Ossur and many more about cross-functional collaborations, template planning and managing projects in a constantly changing environment.

If, on the other hand, you are a product manager, professionals from international companies such as Philips, Belimed and many more will discuss about product launch, what to do when the product begins to lose consumer appeal and how to build a service solution from the scratch.

So, what’s next?

If you are still not convinced about joining EBCG‘s 4th Annual Medical Devices 3P Forum, just request the agenda and check out our last year’s event in numbers. Don’t waste any more time. The Early Bird Registration is on till June 16th. For more photos about the event, click here and like our Facebook and LinkedIn pages. And for those of you who like tweeting about relevant industry news, follow us on Twitter.