Knowledge is power. It’s progress. And investing in it is what can make you better than the others.

Did you know that there are more than 45.000 project managers and over 58.000 product managers in Medical Devices companies across the world just on LinkedIn? So, how are you going to stand out from the crowd? Benjamin Franklin was right after all. “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. But the Medical Devices 3P Forum in Berlin isn’t just an investment. It’s an experience. And one you should not miss. Why?

2 Conferences in 1

Are you happy with the way you manage your team? Why are those numbers always so difficult to handle? And why aren’t your customers happy? Too many questions, too many answers that aren’t relevant to you. What if you had the opportunity to only listen to those answers that matter the most to you? With 2 collocated events, one for Project & Portfolio Managers created by Kristina and one for Product Managers by Viktoria, you are in charge. Choose the stream that best fits your needs and get the answers you want on R&D innovation, customer relationships and team management.

A Box Full of Chaos

An organized one though 🙂  There are various formats from everyone. Presentations, case studies, polylogues with speakers, workshops and campfire sessions. And all with one purpose: to make your experience unforgettable.

No Ties & All Smiles

You better leave that tie behind. This is not yet another boring and emotionless conference. You need to feel comfortable and we believe in a good balance of fun and knowledge.

The more, the merrier

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into visible. More than 40 speakers and 100 + attendees will help us do it. Your head is full of funny stories, failures, office jokes and steps for success. Why not share them and make yourself visible? There are two ways to do so. Be a part of the amazing speaker panel or come and see for yourself! Sitting in the corner will not be an option. If you want to be heard, you will be.

Did anybody say party?

We are not fans of fancy cocktail receptions and hours of small talk. Let’s have real conversations in a typical German pub in Berlin. Who can forget the legendary pub crawl at last year’s event! 🙂

4 months might seem too far and missing the Medical Devices 3P Forum in Berlin would be a shame. Contact us now to learn more about our program and the opportunities that await.

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