Are you ready for some incredible news? The Healthcare PPM Toolbox in NJ is back! The only Healthcare project & portfolio management event you need to attend will kick off on February 8th in Hyatt Regency Jersey City on the Hudson.

For those of you who consider yourself an EBCG family member, you already know what to expect. But for the rest, you probably wonder what the hell all the fuss is about.

Well, for starters, we are really not fans of corporate, strategic, “official” conferences. We do events for you and for fun. Besides hearing more than 30 real stories from amazing speakers and gaining a lot of new knowledge, we can promise you this:

1. You will find a new family.

Our PPM family has been growing for 7 years, so we were bound to meet some people over and over again. Gradually, familiar faces became friends, and our little club always welcomes new members. As long as you want, you might get an unexpected hug (true story!), beer (or mojito, thanks John) or a phone number to remain in touch.

2. You will speak up if when you think you don’t want to.

People can be really strange. They often know what is best for them but they avoid it anyway. I am a freaking conference planner and I still can pull Rajesh from Big Bang Theory in front of strangers. That is just the default setting, we tend to be shy in new situations.

Somehow though, the atmosphere at our PPM events always gets to the point where we cannot stop people from talking. Campfire sessions group don’t want to say goodbye to each other, workshop participants are eager to continue, and Q&A sessions are never ending. This enthusiasm is highly contagious and suddenly, everyone is an extrovert. Blows my mind every single time  !

3. Ties and heels are frowned upon (but not forbidden 🙂 ).

We find it hard to believe that you like to torture yourself by wearing business clothes. Seriously, we invite the most interesting and curious minds in PPM, we think we can all respect each other even in Mickey Mouse t-shirts 🙂 We simply wish you would run around, do a little “session tasting” and grab a bite from several presentations, network comfortably and actively participate in workshops.

#ebcglifeSee you there? If this your kind of event, register HERE.

The Healthcare PPM Toolbox is a part of EBCG’s successful conference series for Pharma & MedTech project & portfolio managers that we have organized for seven years throughout Europe and the US. We believe in learning spiced up with fun, unforgettable experiences and business contacts combined with friendships. We do what we do for that spark in your eyes when you hear something inspirational. We hope you join our PPM family!

A few nice words from your colleagues:

“This was a focused  + fun 2 days. Learned some new tricks of the trade, and made some new connections. Well worth it!” -Jessica O’Leary, Sage Therapeutics
“Super nice people, learning fast and having fun!” -Norbert Leinfellner, Fresenius Medical Care
“The quality of the speakers is very high and the format provided ample opportunity to engage more informally. Excellent networking opportunity!” -Leigh Shultz, Merck