Speakers from companies such as Sanofi, Pfizer, UCB, Boehringer Ingelheim and Teva will discuss topics such as project centricity, alliances and leadership techniques.

The dilemma that every regular conference participant faces: do I choose a big conference with an impressive speaker panel and feel completely lost and anonymous there?  Or do I attend a small-scale event and in return for a networking-friendly atmosphere accept that fewer insights will be shared?  As our well-known Pharmaceutical PPM Toolbox in Basel has grown significantly within the six years of its existence, we have faced the same dilemma: as the saying goes, „You can’t have it all.“ But is that really true?

You CAN Have it All. (At Least on March 3rd in Basel)

One room. 150 – 200 people. It is almost impossible to offer topics to everyone, and to let every attendee be heard and feel involved – but we will do it anyway 🙂

We will kick off the day with a Keynote Presentation by Christian Morello, who will talk about implementing a project-centric approach in Sanofi. “I will explain how to understand the opportunities and challenges of a ‘task force’ organization in comparison with a centralized organization,“ he says.  Markus Kosch will prepare a case study on Pfizer’s partnership with Merck – namely in co-developing their Avelumab and co-marketing Xalkori. Dirk Jan-Opstelten from Hal Allergy will offer his views on managing a challenging R&D product portfolio. „I will focus on organizational change as basis of cultural change, and on transforming threats to successes and new opportunities,“ he points out.

Eric Bouilloux from Ipsen will talk about his experiences with change management throughout his career and he will show the audience how important it is to lead change by example. Our great event partners will take stage on Day 1 too; namely Enrich Consulting, Catenion and Microsoft. Each speaker is ready for your questions not only after each presentation, but also during one-hour roundtable discussions where you get to talk to them face to face, give them feedback and push the discussion in whichever direction you’d like. This is where the „one room“ arrangement of this event ends and where you start creating your own program. Also, our focus will shift from operational, practical topics to soft skills, leadership strategies and employing psychological tools in your daily job. This afternoon, we want you to feel absolutely comfortable and informal – don’t hesitate and get involved!

Have Fun During Campfire Sessions and Workshops

Firstly, you can choose one of the Campfire Sessions – interactive discussions facilitated by a moderator. Ulrike Grimm from Vifor Pharma will lead a discussion on remote teams, Katrin Bernoester from Biotest will focus on women in leadership, Matthias Krings from Catenion will talk about current dramatic changes in the Pharma industry and Heike Roeder from UCB will explain why a lean digital process landscape is a success factor in R&D.

Another choice you will face is between five co-located workshops. Will it be Conflict Management by Ulrike Grimm, What Makes a Good Project Manager GREAT? Communication and Listening Skills for a More Effective Project Management by Nicoleta Butoescu (Teva Pharmaceuticals – PGT Healthcare) or Facilitation Using Emotional Leadership by Philine Dobberthien (Boehringer Ingelheim)? We are also looking forward to a workshop led by Michael Gates, an expert on multicultural management. “I will introduce the Lewis Model of Culture and explain how managing cultural differences is a key competitive advantage in the Pharma industry,” says Michael. Ian Speakman, who is a Senior Lecturer in Key Account Management and Negotiation at Cranfield University School of Management, will teach you how to sell your ideas internally.  “I will show you how to influence those over whom we have no authority to adopt our ideas and understand organization defensiveness,” he explains.

After the second half of the day packed with interaction and hands-on exercises, we invite you to have a bit of informal fun at the evening Networking Reception. Looking forward!



This article was written by Kristina Priecelova, Conference Program Manager at EBCG. Kristina is the driving force behind some of our most successful healthcare conferences such as the Pharmaceutical PPM Toolbox series and Medical Devices 3P Forum.


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