FinTech Start-Up Eligibility Form

Up to 40 expo stands are available to showcase the greatest bravest freshest ideas in front of a crowd of 150+ potential partners from the finance and technology world. We believe that PARTNERSHIPS are the way forward!

They are brave, they are pioneers, and they are innovative! Yes they are Start-Ups.
Are you one of them? Let´s see 🙂

Some fundamentals:

  1. Your technology is related to banking, finance, and/or insurance industries
  2. Your solution is applicable at the international level
  3. You have a proven growth potential

To determine your eligibility as the FinTech Start-Up, simply fill in this form:

How much external funding have you raised (in Euro) as of the date of application?
Are you a part of an Incubator/ Accelerator?
If yes, please name the Incubator/Accelerator?
Paste a URL here which can be a link for us to download presentation slides and/or a video about you.
Where did you hear about us?

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