Greg Tzavelopoulos

Database Automation Expert, sdbs


With >10 years of professional experience in automating a wide range of financial and other operational processes, Greg Tzavelopoulos has a passion to detect, propose, develop and deploy automation solutions that structure more efficient database systems and functional departments.

He develops tailor-made apps with MS-SQL and Excel-VBA that automate complicated data processing, validate/prepare/send-out reports automatically, optimize user interaction with existing systems (uploads, integration, reports), deliver business modeling solutions, simulate scenarios, support decision making and ensure data quality.

His experience in transforming legacy system-centric to customized user-centric systems enables companies to reduce overtime as well as time on low value added tasks and to increase efficiency and data quality without any major organizational change.

With long experience as project manager, he has delivered complex projects with multifunctional teams across Europe (DE, NL, SE, NO, FI, PL, IE, HR) and he has developed a robot on MS-SQL that automates approx. an FTE in the hotel industry.