Adri van der Waals

Director Marketing & Communication, DSM


Adri has a background in Organic Chemistry (PhD) and enjoyed various traineeships at international corporations (BASF Ludwigshafen (D), DOW Terneuzen (NL)) and universities (University of Berne, CH).
Adri started at DSM in 1996 as project leader for melamine-reinforced adhesives for wood based panels (MDF, particle board, plywood, OSB). He switched to a radically different commercial role in 2000 at DSM Dyneema, as Sales Manager Life Protection (bullet resistant materials) for APAC and South-America. He initiated the new role of Global Marketing Manager Personal Protection when this organization became very successful and fast growing. Key was the definition and implementation of a vision and long term strategy.
In 2007 Adri joined what’s currently called DSM Coating Resins initially as a New Business Development Manager. Since 20011 as Director of Marketing & Communications with a global team of professionals that cover all key marketing, intelligence and communication roles.