A marketing guru, the marketing director of Petronas and the marketing manager of DSM walk into a room. Sounds like a joke? Well, it isn’t! That is just a small part of our amazing speaker panel on the 4th Annual Chemical Sales & Marketing Toolbox in Berlin. This event is specially designed to help you transform your company into something bigger and better.


EBCG‘s Chemicals Sales & Marketing Toolbox will provide you with valuable opportunities to learn and share successful sales and marketing practices and methodologies.

At the beginning of the first day, Geoff Ramm, Marketing Speaker from OMG Marketing, will share his insights on how you can use technology to personalize your marketing strategy but also to increase your sales.  See the world of marketing as a wonderful opportunity to engage and communicate your products and services like never before.

Ian Rhodes, Digital Marketing Strategist of Brand Less Ordinary and Peter Senior, Head of Hospital Care at Linde Healthcare will discuss with the audience how to respond to negative customers as well as how the staff that regularly interface with customers can access and integrate the massive flows of data via the latest digital technologies.

Expect the unexpected!

Stand up from your seat, have a drink and be an active part of the next presentation. David Marx, CEO of The Science Kitchen and his team will be waiting for you on the foyer to refresh and entertain you. How can you re-brand your chemicals company? Where do you get inspired from? Relax and find the answers you are looking for.

Does customer-centricity go hand in hand with operational excellence through a genuine Customer Portal? Freek van den Broek (Global Marketing Manager Digital) from DSM will share the success story of the e-commerce strategies and challenges in a B2B environment.

If you are looking for advice on a 1-2-1 basis, you just found it. Ian Rhodes will take the stage to talk about your people, your success, your perspective and how to use all these elements to win the attention of your customers.

Discussion of the Century

3 continents, 3 points of view on market trends, regulations and culture. Rudy Miller, Global Executive Director – Inorganics & Business Incubation from Sabic, Roberto Miglio, Marketing Director from Petronas, Freek van den Broek from DSM and a special speaker from Baskem will discuss the top 3 sales and marketing challenges that companies will face until 2020. Be a part of the conversation and share your insights.

Next, Roberto Miglio will take the stage to elaborate more on Petronas’s online marketing strategy followed by Hans Goossens, Urea Commercial Director of Yara who will talk about the value of pricing in the chemical industry.

Series of short case studies

In this short, 10 minutes case studies, share pricing scenarios which reflect current customer mind-set. Do not share any real data. 3 presenters will show you how to play the game. You can talk about flexibility in pricing, strategic pricing, operational pricing, and implementation or incentives and knowledge management.

Our keynote speaker, Rudy Miller from Sabic will speak about outsourcing, effective international incentive programs, and mergers. So if you want to get it right and fair in your global company, don’t miss this chance.

Round-table discussions

Pick a chair and join your favorite speaker. Ask questions, share your story and most importantly, get involved!

I want to join!

We are glad to have you on board! What you have to do is request your agenda to know more about our speakers and topics. In the meanwhile, check out our amazing online community and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.