Top 3 Medical Devices Trends for 2018

As medical devices manufacturers are beginning to understand the power and benefits of big data, AI and other digital tools, the industry is facing a new wave of opportunities and challenges. Here are 3 trends that will certainly make the news in 2018. Digitalization Digital health was always the “black sheep” of the healthcare industry.

How To Prevent Burnout at Work

Got you! You yawned! Yawning is obviously contagious but there might be a big chance you are just really, really, really tired from this week’s work. Friday is here and a few months back, every Thursday you made plans for Friday night and the weekend. And now, the only thing you can think of is

Knowledge Begins With Experiences: 5 Reasons To Experience The Medical Devices 3P Forum

Knowledge is power. It’s progress. And investing in it is what can make you better than the others. Did you know that there are more than 45.000 project managers and over 58.000 product managers in Medical Devices companies across the world just on LinkedIn? So, how are you going to stand out from the crowd?

Speaker Interview with Claus Schaffrath |The Medical Devices 3P Forum in Berlin

Last month, the 4th Annual Medical Devices 3P Forum kicked off in the beautiful city of Berlin and more than 100 attendees had the chance to meet their peers in a perfectly organized chaos full of discussions and workshops. One of our exceptional speakers was Claus Schaffrath, MD, Director Global Product Management Clinical Solutions at Philips. I

1st Annual US Medical Devices 3P Forum: Day 2 Focus

If you are still asking yourself why you should attend the 1st US Annual Medical Devices 3P Forum in Miami, FL, we have 4 little words for you: Build. Your. Own. Agenda. Yes. Don’t expect another ordinary corporate conference with monotonous speeches.  What makes EBCG conferences different, comes from our main principal. Networking, fun and interactivity are just

Speaker Interview with Parimal Shah from Medtronic

The 1st Annual Medical Devices 3P Forum in the US will kick off on November 17 and 18 in the amazing and sunny city of Miami, Florida. More than 100 attendees and speakers will join forces in order to band project, portfolio and product management together. One of our remarkable speakers is Parimal Shah, Director of

The 4th Annual Medical Devices 3P Forum – Day 2 Focus

Mark your calendar. The biggest European knowledge-sharing platform for project, product and portfolio management professionals in the medical devices industry is back. The 4th Annual Medical Devices 3P Forum will kick off in the beautiful and historical city of Berlin on October 6 and 7. More than 100 attendees and 20 speakers will come together

Speaker Interview with Dana A. Oliver

Perhaps November seems far away but for us, the clock is ticking; and it’s ticking fast. As we are preparing for the 1st US Annual Medical Devices 3P Forum, I had the opportunity to have an interview with one of our exceptional speakers. Dana A. Oliver, Senior Director of Research & Development for Medtronic. I had the pleasure

4th Annual Medical Devices 3P Forum: Day 1 Focus

“Last year’s Medical Devices 3P Forum was a bit of an alchemy for me: how do I mix topics for project, portfolio and product managers to fulfill expectations of a somewhat diverse audience? I guess it worked out, as we have welcomed more than 120 attendees in Berlin.” Kristina Priecelova, Conference Program Manager at EBCG.

The Medical Devices 3P Forum in Berlin is Back!

Do you think product development projects waste your time? Or is it because you have bad time management? Can you make better investment decisions or you are satisfied with just executing your day-to-day agenda? How can project, portfolio and product managers work together better to maximize the effectiveness of new MD products? If these questions