About EBCG


The European Business Conferences Group is dedicated to creating innovative, action-based learning & networking experiences for curious and persistent people in IT security, life sciences and finance!

The Purpose Of Our Events
Is to accelerate smarter and more effective innovations within IT security, life sciences and finance through higher standards of knowledge sharing & networking!

How We Do It
Through active learning experiences built around high audience engagement and networking! We DO NOT believe in traditional passive learning conference. We design each experience to be as innovative and engaging as possible by limiting basic ppt presentations and supplementing more hands-on active learning and storytelling sessions.

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Our Story of Improbability

The world certainly had enough of conference organizers back in 2010, when EBCG was founded by two experienced guys whose mantra was and still is: things can be done differently. From EBCG’s humble beginnings, they have always put personal, “human” approach first.

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Success is a Choice!

After dozens of setbacks and lessons learned, we have more than 20 like-minded employees in Bratislava. And our story of “improbable” successes continues. We still have a small company mindset and a simple goal: creating events you’ll think about with smile even years after.

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Conferences for People

Our meetings are designed as a mix of practical case studies combined with tons of interactivity. If you want to be heard, you will. Your questions will be answered. We promise you – you won’t be someone insignificant lost in a crowd. We see you.

Fun Facts


10 Nationalities

Our office is like an international festival. People from all over the world have joined forces in order to change the future of events. Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Malta, Russia, US, Greece, Egypt, Nigeria, Japan and the Philippines.


25 Cups Of Coffee Per Day

We run on caffeine. Every morning, our office smells like freshly grounded coffee and our team huddles around the espresso machine to share morning news and ideas.


13 EBCG Kids

Our family has its own little family. During holidays and team buildings, we encourage our team members to bring their families along to enjoy fun activities and more.

Meet Some of the Bright People that Make Every Event Happen