In the past 9 years, more than 1500 project, portfolio and product managers across Europe and the US experienced EBCG’s life science events. The Healthcare PPM Toolbox, the newest member of EBCG’s LifeScience Capsule is an interactive platform offering you over 12 hours of tailored workshops, presentations, case studies and interactive discussions.

If you think this is yet another boring conference, here are 5 points which will make you reconsider and reevaluate your previous experiences.

1. Networking

Conferences and networking events: you either love them or hate them. They are part of your life as a business professional. What you cannot deny is that they allow you to get in touch with like-minded professionals and to create important business connections. In the age of click-of-a-mouse information, events and conferences are not the first choices of gathering information. However, there is no other place where you can engage that much with your peers, get involved in discussions and share your insight in order to help yourself and others.

2. Star Presenter: Sachin Raje from Merck on Ensuring Project Success

When one thinks of project management, the PMI standards come to mind for planning, executing, managing, controlling, and closing projects. Those are the tangibles of Project management, which if managed well, do increase the probability of success. However, there are some intangibles for success as well. With Sachin Raje’s experience of having worked for various verticals, not just Life Sciences, and in managing a single office, Regional, as well as global projects and programs, it is amazing how the common denominators don’t change, irrespective of these different parameters. The seminar focuses on the tangibles as well as the intangibles that are crucial for a project’s success.

3. Three Separate Streams

Project, portfolio and product managers may work as one team but they have different interests and need to learn specific details that will help their own teams. Therefore, we’ve created 3 separate streams for each one of our attendees in order to get the most out of the conference and learn more on the challenges your team might encounter. During the 2 days, you’ll be able to join the preferred stream and discuss with your peers as well as the speakers about your favourite topic.

4. Lightning Talks

The Healthcare PPM Toolbox is a platform to share insights and opinions. Even if you are not a speaker, we want to hear from YOU as well. Lightning Talks are an official 30 minutes session in one of the streams of our conference program. It was design based on our loyal delegate’s feedback from previous years. They loved the program but there were some topics missing. We decided to give these ideas a voice and that’s how we came up with this feature.

5. Current challenges in Healthcare PPM

For centuries now, healthcare has been a big topic. More than ever, healthcare leaders are under tremendous pressure to find solutions to complex issues. For the next five to ten years, they will require efficient skills and create a plan for any potential problems that may arise. Join our panel discussion with John Kappelhof, Vice President Program Management from Nevakar LLC, Sachin Raje, Director, Global Medical Affairs Operations from Merck, Norbert Leinfellner, Vice President, Product Development Engineering from Fresenius Medical Care and Alison Chalker, Senior R&D Leader, PMO, Project Management from Janssen and listen to their insights and inputs on the current challenges Healthcare PPM leaders are facing.

Considering joining us? Tickets are available online and you can request your own agenda here. Learn more on what the Healthcare PPM Toolbox can offer you by visiting our website.