Freek Van den Broek will present at our Chemicals Sales & Marketing Toolbox in Berlin on November 22-23. He has a story about perfecting best customer experience ready for you!

Get to know Freek a bit through our 5 questions 🙂

1. What was the most thrilling moment of your career in DSM?

In my role as Commercial Digital Transformation manager, I am always working on exciting projects that Drive DSM towards a future proof organization. For example last week I hosted a workshop called “Digital Operations Excellence for greater Customer Experience” which was attended by over 40 people of all different departments within DSM. Together we worked on defining the vision geared to drive the Change agenda to achieve Digital Operations Excellence for great Customer Convenience. Seeing the energy of the group to drive for Commercial Digital Transformation on a short term and long term plan brings me joy and pride.

2. What can make you the most angry (professionally or in general)?

Lack of passion or resistance to change. I believe that if people bring the right passion to work we can achieve miracles and improve the company and we might even make the world a better place to live in. Bight Science for Brighter living!

3. Aaand what makes you the happiest 🙂 (professionally or in general)?

Working with passionate people with a drive for Change 🙂 We can always improve our Customer Experience and our internal processes, it is best is when both go hand in hand.

4. How do you see the role of digital marketing managers – why do you feel it is important and where is it heading in the near future?

I am Driving Commercial Digital Transformation projects across all global businesses within DSM. Looking at the business challenges that we have now or that we might encounter in the (near) future and designing and defining Digital options to tackle the challenges. Our philosophy is that we should always start with the Customer Experience in mind. The end-to-end Customer Experience is essential for customer retention, customer loyalty, word-of-mouth, acquisition and so much more. Delivering a great (digital) Customer Experience is essential for both the future growth and the current bottom-line of any DSM organizations.

5. Why is your topic closest to your heart / why did you choose it?

Within B2B companies people often tend to say that e-commerce is for B2C only and it is not suitable for B2B. I believe e-commerce or even Digital commerce can bring a lot of advantages to our customers (offer Customer Convenience or even better Customer Delight) and to B2B organizations by providing Operational Excellence and actionable insight. A sure win!

Who is Freek van den Broek?

Freek is currently working as Global Marketing Manager Digital at DSM with a focus on driving Commercial Digital Transformation projects across all global businesses. The experience Freek obtained throughout his work history consisted of evolving traditional business practices into digital models and orchestrating organizational change in B2C and B2B companies. It has provided him with invaluable expertise in the mix of digital strategy development & execution, digital consulting, e-commerce, online branding and online marketing.