Curious whom you will meet at at our Healthcare PPM Toolbox in Jersey City on February 8-9? Amir Khamseh, Head – PMO Surgical Heart Valve Therapy, Edwards Lifesciences & President PMI – Orange County Chapter will focus on comparing project and program management and explaining how they go hand in hand.

Get to know Amir a bit through our 5 questions.

1. What was the most thrilling moment of your career in Edwards Lifesciences?

Successful launch of a new platform resulted in our business unit General Manager declaring to his VPs: “All projects and programs from now onwards will be supported by Amir Khamseh’s PMO.“

2. What can make you the most angry (professionally or in general)?

Lack of commitment or accountability by any team member. NOT to be confused by lack of bandwidth or availability.

3. Aaand what makes you the happiest 🙂 (professionally or in general) ?

Team members who challenge status quo.

4. How do you see the role of MD project manager – why do you feel it is important and where is it heading in the near future?

Every “ship” (project/program) needs a scout in the top mast to ensure travel direction, speed or watch out for problems. PM serves this role.

5. Why is the topic of program vs. project management close to your heart – why did you choose it?

By PMI definition: Project is any unique endeavor that has a defined start and finish and provides a product or service. Program is two or more projects whose combined value exceeds that of running them separately. In life, we are always running projects and programs. Best to do them right.

Who is Amir?

Amir heads the PMO for the Surgical Heart Valve Therapy business unit at Edwards Lifesciences, Inc. His team is responsible for all projects/programs for the division (NPI, Marketing, Regulatory, Clinical, etc.). His medical device PM experience also includes working for St. Jude Medical, Inc. and Advanced Sterilization Products, a division of J&J.

 Amir uses his PMP certification, PgMP and PfMP credentials from Project Management Institute on a daily basis to ensure projects and programs are done right,  and supported in the business portfolio.

 Amir holds a PhD in aerospace engineering from the University of Michigan, and an Executive MBA from the University of California.

 He serves on the Board of Governors as President of the Orange County Chapter of Project Management Institute.