4th Annual Medical Devices 3P Forum: Day 1 Focus

“Last year’s Medical Devices 3P Forum was a bit of an alchemy for me: how do I mix topics for project, portfolio and product managers to fulfill expectations of a somewhat diverse audience? I guess it worked out, as we have welcomed more than 120 attendees in Berlin.” Kristina Priecelova, Conference Program Manager at EBCG.

Yes, it worked out. And this year we are adding even more interactivity to our event. Join the 4th Annual Medical Devices 3P Forum in Berlin and take full advantage of more than 50 case studies, practical workshops and real-life experiences.

Innovative morning: R&D and the Commercial Side of MD

Half of the 1st day is dedicated to topics relevant for both your worlds. Carsten Boegh (Senior Vice President Global Project Portfolio Management) from Fresenius Medical Care will talk about project delivery through effective project & portfolio management followed by Ron van der Zanden (Director Project Management) from Philips and his case study on how alliance management can create mutual business benefits. Tobias Raberger (Global Supply Chain Program Management Office Lead) from GE Healthcare will share GE’s story on change adoption equation and change acceleration process toolkit. Last but not least, don’t forget to join the “Polylogues with our Speakers”. All speakers from the morning block will be ready to answer all your questions. Just pick a table and get involved in discussion!

Practical afternoon: Let’s get our hands dirty!

During the afternoon of the 4th Annual Medical Devices 3P Forum, you will become an active part of the event and you will get your hands dirty. Choose between 4 campfire sessions and three practical workshops. Which ones will you choose?

Campfire Sessions

  • New Product Introduction, A Critical Business Success Factor by Ron Van Der Zanden from Philips. He will elaborate more on NPI-planning, risk management and legal constraints.
  • Spotting Talent and Developing Potential in People where you will learn more on training programs and how to build a successful team
  • Leading/Working in Remote Teams is dedicated to help you with your communication issues within your team.
  • Time Management. Share your own stories of best practices and tolls that helped you or slowed you down in the past.

Hands-On Workshops

  • Conflict Management: it is true that in any situation involving more and more people, conflicts arise. This workshop is focused on identifying conflicts and most of all how to turn them into an improvement. Learn how to manage them and enhance your team’s communication.
  • Intra-organizational Alignment for Operational Effectiveness: Selling Ideas Internally by Ian Speakman from Cranfield University School of Management. Why is there often resistance to new ideas? A workshop to help you create, develop and nurture teams to success.
  • Design Thinking in Innovation by Barbara Blenski from Innoshot. A practical example on how to inspire your team by working collaboratively and how to speed up the innovation process.

What’s in it for me?

You will be part of the only European conference offering topics connecting project/program, product and portfolio management professionals. If you are still not convinced, take a look at last year’s conference in numbers. For more industry-related news and event updates, like our Facebook and LinkedIn page. For Twitter enthusiasts, follow us on Twitter and say hello to us using @EBCG_MedicalDev.