Imagine that you’re a CFO on the hunt for funding. It can’t be so difficult, 76% of CFOs were facing this situation, based on our research in the CEE region. One day you get into an elevator, the doors shut, and you realize you’re alone with the head of a well-known venture capital firm. You have maybe 40 seconds to make a pitch. What would you say?

“Start strong with a “grabber”,” says Katka Kovalcik, speaker at the upcoming CFO Executive Summit and Winner of the European Speaking Competition. The next equally important thing is to understand what your partner views as relevant.”

Besides a grabber and quick understanding of your investor, Katka gives the following advice:

  1. Structure your material in three sections – grabber, middle and close. You know the problem. Get really interested in the topic.
  2. Keep it simple. The best speeches include one clear, relevant message and one great story to illustrate that message.
  3. Now move them to action at the end! If they do nothing different than they would have done before you spoke – the value of your speech is zero.

About Katka Kovalcik

katka-kovalcikova“Two powerful passions come together in my professional life: personal development and public speaking. For me, they go hand in hand, completing and enriching each other. With this background, I am effective at helping my audience to reach their potential and learn to present themselves with ease and confidence. Join my Charismatic CFO – Storytelling in Business Workshop during the CFO Executive Summit in Prague to learn more.”