CFO Executive Summit – Financial Forum for Emerging Europe: The strategic role of the CFO and the role of analytics in today’s business.

With the first day of the 6th Annual CFO Executive Summit being over, we are sure you had a great time networking, attending case studies and listening to presentations. Don’t forget that exclusive evening networking program, too! Well, Day 2 is going to be even more interesting.

What to expect during the innovative morning?

After our usual morning coffee, the second day of the 2016 CFO Executive Summit will begin with James Lindsay (CFO of Vodafone, Czech Republic) who will talk about how a CFO can create value for the customer and the business by leveraging big data and analytics. Cristi Rusu (CFO of Rossmann Group, Romania) will follow with an interesting case study on creating a link among customer needs, industry value chain, cost model and organizational goals, strategies and objectives.

Right after lunch, where you will have the opportunity to meet our speakers and interact with them, it is time for some hands-on workshops and break-out sessions. Remember that these workshops are certified with a total of 14 CPD Points by ACCA.

Practical afternoons: Be part of the best part!

We will start with Barbara Wright-Avlitis (Managing Partner at theWrightWorkPlace) whose presentation on how to build a high performance organization by creating the “right” corporate environment, will be followed by an interactive workshop and an introduction to the HC Risk Monitor©. Next, Tim Cullen (Director of the Oxford Program on Negotiation, SAID Business School, University of Oxford) will talk about people management and negotiations and the ways to recognize the psychological biases which may let you down in negotiations.

As the hands-on workshops continue, learn more about leadership from Annika Mansson (Professional Coach & Trainer of Happy at Work) and what followers actually expect from their leaders. If you want to know how to implement Google’s principle “20 % time for your idea” within the CFO world, Dominika Kukielka- Pucher (Executive and Team Coach of Evolve) will assist you with your first two steps in leadership. Her interactive workshop will help you master your skills and identify your time management benefits and habits. Eileen Gricuk (Leadership Coach, Executive Director of Eileen Gricuk Coaching/Polish Canadian Chamber of Commerce) and Magdalena Kulicka (Professional Certified Coach of Coaching Human Capital) will talk about the emerging skill of modern leadership: Facilitation. With their two planned activities, attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about people management, what best performance looks like and how to effectively solve a given problem.

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