1st Annual US Medical Devices 3P Forum: Day 2 Focus

If you are still asking yourself why you should attend the 1st US Annual Medical Devices 3P Forum in Miami, FL, we have 4 little words for you: Build. Your. Own. Agenda.

Yes. Don’t expect another ordinary corporate conference with monotonous speeches.  What makes EBCG conferences different, comes from our main principal. Networking, fun and interactivity are just as important as knowledge. So get ready to enjoy more than 8 hours of informal networking, 50 sessions and 25 speakers.

Build Your Own Agenda

During the second day of the US Medical Devices 3P Forum, you will have the opportunity to build your own program based on your professional focus. You always have two concurrent sessions to choose from in two streams running at once.

Stream A: Project and Portfolio Management

Begin your morning with a case study from Neeta Mhatre, Senior Director PMO, New Product Development from Intuitive Surgical. Neeta will help you develop a standard process and tool set in order to drive strategy in your organization.

Parimal Shah, Director Program Management from Medtronic will present a case study in smart devices in the ICU that will address the challenge of blending clinical decision support systems that add value by increasing outcomes and decreasing costs.

If risk management is important to you, then don’t miss Alyssa Beckwith, Medical Device Lead for Project Management Excellence from Johnson & Johnson who will share her insights on how to implement an effective risk-adjusted scheduling process on your department.

During the afternoon, you have the opportunity to get involved and discuss with your favorite speaker your concerns and ideas. Furthermore, we prepared for you more case studies to get inspired from.

  • Scrum from Medical Device Software: Learn about the Scrum philosophy and its key principles.
  • Cross-functional Collaborations: Collaboration throughout departments to achieve process improvement for project planning/execution.
  • Integration of an Acquired Portfolio: How to run your business while changing it.
  • How Resource Management Can Turn Your Project into Gold: Keeping costs reasonable and assessing risk balance.

Stream B: Product Management

We know how difficult it is to deliver a unique product vision that will differentiate you for your competitors. That’s why, we prepared an extraordinary panel of speakers that will help you built the best strategy for your organization. John Liedtky, VP of Commercialization, General Manager U.S. from Nexstim will elaborate more on the best way to build an emotional bond between your customers and your brand.

But that’s not all! The whole day 2 will be full of cases studies regarding products in a late lifecycle, pricing and engaging customers to keep up with their needs and demands.

I want to join!

If you want to see the full agenda, visit our webpage and request your full program. In the meantime, be part of our amazing online community on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and stay up to date with new speakers, topics and industry related news.